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A. Data Entry Services:

Outsourcing Data Entry to Softwork Solutions allows corporations to focus on their core business while taking advantage of our experience, efficiency and economy of scale.

Cutting Edge Data Entry Technology

Utilizing the latest in Hardware, Software and Telecommunication technology our processes are optimized to ensure that, in most cases, we deliver an accuracy rate of 99% or better.

Our data entry services team of highly skilled technical professionals design and develop customized solutions for each project and our data entry operators are all experienced; most have been with the company for longer than five years. These factors, combined with a solid management infrastructure translate into success for each project.

“The folks at Softwork Solutions have come through for us on many occasions. Their work is fast and accurate. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone.”Data Entry Client.

Sometimes corporations need help staying alive and keeping ahead. We can help you re-engineer your business.

Offshore Data Entry Outsourcing :

Present performance levels have demonstrated that offshore processing can provide our client with savings of 20-40% plus fast turnaround, accuracy and security.

The Benefits of Offshore Data Entry:

  • 20-40% cost savings
  • Large pool of well educated, experienced operators
  • Ability to handle very large projects in a shorter time frame than North America.
  • Dedicated workforce.

B. Data Conversion Services:

Cost Effective Company Data Management

When getting your data converted quickly and accuracy is critical, you can depend on Softwork Solutions Data.

Softwork Solutions Data Systems provides a comprehensive array of document and Data Conversion and Database Management Services, with a track record for helping companies implement strategic change in their organization.

Innovative Document Imaging Processing:

We provide innovative solutions, utilizing state-of-the art imaging technology, high speed data transmission lines, and the latest in data conversion software and techniques. Our services are geared toward making the processing, storage and retrieval of information more efficient and less costly to our clients. All services are customized to fit the individual clients need.

Data conversion can be from any type of input media, eg:

  • Paper
  • Microfilm / microfiche
  • On-line data capture and / or input
  • Other electronic data storage types

C. Data Scanning & Imaging Services:

Electronic images as an information medium have become an important part of any business environment. Converting documents to electronic images provide the following advantages:

  • Reduced storage costs
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased efficiencies in information retrieval
  • An accurate reproduction of the original
  • Enhanced security of stored records
  • Archived images are now accepted as documentary evidence in legal proceedings both in Canada and The United States

Cconsiderations to use Electronic Data Formats:

The use of the data conversion process helps reduce the cost of document distribution, archiving, storage and access. Since thousands of documents are accessed every day, it means that these records are vital to business. It therefore makes sense to make them easily available.


Softwork Solutions has a number of high speed production scanners capable of converting over 100,000 pages of documents into images in an eight-hour shift.

It costs the average office $20 to file or retrieve a document, $120 to find what's been misfiled and $250 to recreate one.

An average of 3% of documents are lost or misfiled, and have to be recovered at an alarming cost.

It costs about $25,000 to fill a four drawer filing cabinet and over $2,100 per year to maintain it.
Real estate costs for a single filing cabinet are about $110 a year.

Sources: Gartner Group, Coopers & Lybrand, Ernst & Young

Canadian legislation and standards guidelines now give electronic documents the same status as paper documents in both court proceedings and for use in the normal course of business.

D. OCR / OMR & ICR Processing :

Softwork Solutions has been a pioneer in the use of the complex software and algorithms required for optical character recognition. Our use of this technology is so advanced that even software developers recognize that, is some aspects, we understand this technology better than they do.

Combining our advanced experience and unique set of skills in this field Softwork Solutions provides services in:

  • Document / Form design (for OCR / OMR processing)
  • Many people are unaware of how important good form design is to the efficiency of OMR processing. This is a skill that can save thousands of dollars in processing.
  • Scanning & OCR / OMR of documents such as questionnaires, legal documents, credit card applications, resumes etc.
  • Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) - processing handwritten text
The process is an economical alternative to manual data capture.